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Stability, Speed and room to move!


Bandit 424 CLX
Bandit 424 CLX
Bandit 424 CLX

Click here for OUTLAW PRO Series specifications

Click here for OUTLAW CLX Series specifications

"I liked its internal layout, in particular the moulded console that’s nicely curved rather than a standard boxy shape and not too big to take up valuable deck space. There’s some storage space below and – handily – between the console and starboard gunwale”.-Fishing World Magaine
Stability, Speed and room to move!
The Outlaw... stability, speed, ride, storage, room to move, all sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Well at Anglapro we heard the call from the crew that hunt in those tricky spots, that carry so much stuff and still want a clean deck, that love boats but hate instability at rest, that want to get over there in a hurry without the broken back, that’s the wish list we worked on and the one we delivered in the Outlaw.
A side console that looks awesome and with a personality too. When you get to know an Outlaw it’s the little things that counts like a comfortable seat that slides to a position that suits you, a console that fits everything in without wasting the ever precious floor space, rod locker, casting decks, under deck storage, rounded checker plate foredecks, it’s all there.
Compare the construction strength with 3mm bottom and sides standard even in the 404. Have a look at the hull, start at the bow, you will find a deep V leading edge with a consistent dead rise angle like an open water hull, it flattens out just forward of mid ships to give you the stability you need at rest and that stable dead rise angle continues back through to the transom. This hull design means you get relief if the chop builds but with no sacrifice in stability at rest. When you see those side consoles bouncing their way down the river or over the bay just smile and be glad it’s not your chiropractor bill that your creating. The Outlaw is also designed not to list to starboard when you’re on a 1 man mission.
Like all Anglapro models if you have a wish list we can make it happen but there won’t be much you need that the Outlaw doesn’t already offer!



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