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Go Anywhere, Chase Anything!

Bandit 424 CLX

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“Like all good tinnies, there’s plenty of room to fish, and the 3mm marine alloy side and bottom sheets ensure The Stealth will stand and deliver for years to come”. – Fishing Monthly


Fish wont know what hit them!


Ever wondered why it’s so hard to find the ideal inshore fishing boat? We wondered too and in researching what you believed it looked like, we carefully designed and appropriately named it the Stealth. This sneaky, agile and tough V nose punt delivers the ultimate inshore fishing platform with no wasted space, heaps of storage and a hull design that allows you to set your sights beyond the flat waters a standard punt restricts you to.


The Stealth offers the back up plan of an aggressive V through the bow for those unexpected choppy water encounters. It quickly flattens the deadrise angle to allow for that stability when everyone wants to see the once in a lifetime fish netted beside the boat. 3mm bottom and side construction delivers incredible strength and stiffness into the hull making sure the water parts for you as you skip across it instead of the boat flexing and groaning from the impact. We cant understand why a person should feel exposed in a boat with a shallow freeboard just because they want a V nose hull so we gave it an offshore deep V hull freeboard of 560mm across the range!


You can keep it simple with the standard models and enjoy everything you need with the PRO models. We know you will need a tweak here and there and we ask for your wish list so we can fine tune your Stealth to meet all your needs. The perfect estuary boat has been cruising under the radar and we have found it, dressed it up and it’s ready for you to enjoy it!


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