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Bandit 424 CLX
Bandit 424 CLX

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"Anglapro wanted hulls that would plane effortlessly with minimal holeshot; have the ability to corner comfortably and still offer stability at rest; and hulls that delivered a soft, dry ride over choppy water. This is exactly what they have achieved with the Getaway”.–Trailer Boat Magazine
Whenever you need to get away
Getaway is a range of runabouts designed to be ready... ready to go, just for whenever you need to...get away! You know those days when you finish work an hour or so early and sun is still a way off the horizon, that's when you can getaway, disappear for a couple hours and return feeling like you have been on holiday for a week. That’s the magic feeling we love, that birthed the simple design.
These crafty runabouts offer plenty of protection from the weather when you need it, big floor space, easy access to the anchor, work bench all the way round with the side decks and rear deck, comfortable and flexible seating, the Getaway is a sure thing in getting just that right set up to do so much. All the little things are there standard as well from the bow rails and a proper bow sprit, windscreen grab rails, aluminium anchor well plumbed outside not into the bilge, driver seat slide to get just the right position and if your still not quite happy the standard offer we make – give us your wish list!!!
As with all Anglapro models we don’t skimp on the structure. Solid, thick and rigid is how we build them so you don’t ever feel limited in just how far to go exploring when it’s time to getaway. It’s not always just about you of course, the Getaway is also very family and friends compatible. Optional rear lounge or swing away removable rear seat, just choose. And why not make one of those bait tanks an eski from time to time and with every rod holder perhaps a cup holder should accompany it for the moments when you need quick access to your beverage!
There’s no limits, the Getaway is your new boat your way, just dream up the options then turn them into reality. Know that those moments in time that offer opportunity, your getaway is waiting ready... ready just to go wherever you feel like it. No restrictions, just timeless relaxation or an intense session hooking the fish for the bbq.


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